Books and Edited Volumes


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Highlight of Peer-Reviewed Articles

Moroccan Female Performers Defining the Social Body. In Brenda Farnell, editor, Journal for the Anthropological Study of Human Movement. Reprinted from Gender On the Market, University of Pennsylvania Press. (2016)

Slow Activism: Listening and Lingering in the Longue Durée. International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. (2015)


The Aesthetics of the Invisible: Sacred Music in Secular (French) Places. In Theater Drama Review: The Journal of Performance Studies 57 (3):132-147 (2013)

Learning to Listen: The Sound of Sufism in France The World of Music, special issue. (2009)


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A Colonial Relation Not My Own: Coming Home to Morocco and France Ethnologia Europaea issue on "Double homes", edited by Orvar Lofgren and Regina Bendix. (2007)


Talking Trash: Creating Home and Anti-Home in Austin’s Salsa Culture American Ethnologist, August 2006. (2006) 


Performance in Culture. Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Article # 03039) (2005)
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Hybridization and the Marketplace: Emerging Paradigms in Folkloristics. Western Folklore. (1993)


Highlight of Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings


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